What is Revunote?

Revunote works with Evernote® to help you learn things off by heart using ‘spaced repetition’. Some things are more useful in your head than they are in the cloud.

“If I don’t review I might as well not have spent the time learning in the first place. My problem has always been keeping track of what to review and when. Thankfully Revunote with Evernote makes it really easy. Genius!”

Easy to use:
Step 1: Tag the notes (in Evernote®) you want to review
Step 2. Synchronise Revunote
Step 3: Review and swipe the notes
Step 4: Synchronise

“As valuable as reviewing is, it does take time. Revunote lets me do my reviews at my convenience – whilst I am commuting or anytime I have five minutes to spare. I actually enjoy it more than mindlessly reading articles in a newspaper”

Benefits of Revunote:
✔ Review your notes anywhere. No need to be at your computer or connected to the internet.
✔ Helps you review actively (by recalling) rather than just passively (by re-reading)
✔ Take advantage of spare moments to review your notes.
✔ No messing about with tags; simply swipe and sync.
✔ No messing about with reports. A single list of all notes due for review.
✔ No need to remember what or when to review… Revunote tells you!
✔ Easy setup… just synchronise once and its ready to go.
✔ Picks out the few notes you need to review from among the 1000s you have.

“With the pace of life and the ubiquity of information its very easy to fall into an ‘in one ear, out the other’ mindset – even toward things we want or need to remember. Revunote helps me to consciously make choices about what I learn. Its a really useful tool”

Benefits of reviewing:
✔ Valuable knowledge is at your beck and call
✔ Contribute effectively in collaborative situations
✔ Stand out as knowledgable in your chosen field(s)
✔ Spend less time cramming
✔ Study more efficiently

“I did a training course earlier this year. I used Evernote to create some high quality notes and I used Revunote to help that information stick. As a result, my ability to apply what we covered is much improved over what it would have been.”

Use it to:
✔ Keep current with professional developments
✔ Review lectures, presentations, training courses
✔ Pick up new skills like football, dance or martial arts
✔ Learn lyrics, poems, quotes or jokes

For students at school, college or university. For professionals engaged in continuous professional development. For people just interested in developing their hobby….

…Revunote with Evernote is an essential combination.

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