I have never used a 3rd party app with my evernote account before, and I am concerned about security issues.

You are right to be concerned about security… and we’ve considered two aspects here: confidentiality (playing fast and loose with your notes) and integrity (corrupting them). Regarding the first, we wrote a privacy policy that we hope is clear (see here)and also abide by the Evernote policy. Our privacy policy is linked from google play. At the end of the day though, this comes down to trust. We consider that one violation of this trust would be published on google play and instantly destroy our apps credibility. Therefore we wouldn’t even think about it.

Integrity is a similar subject. If we corrupted your notes, our reputation would suffer. It IS possible to get conflicts  (obviously) if you edit on multiple clients and synchronise. Revunote stores some text in the applicationData field of a note that is specific to our app so it can’t corrupt your note, nor can it interfere with another add-on. And we have tested Revunote a lot. Nothing bad has happened yet.

How should I handle conflicting changes?

Revunote cannot, by itself, cause conflicts. Revunote stores the review history in the note and this is considered an edit, therefore it is possible to cause a conflicting change if you synchronise Revunote, and then edit the note from another client (even the mobile client) before synchronising that one too. The Evernote server now has TWO copies of the note and it does not know which one to keep so it stores the later one in a notebook called conflicting changes WITH A NEW NOTE IDENTIFIER.

Now, Revunote always checks the server to see what has been updated before it writes its own data back so, if you have conflict, it is because you synchronised Revunote, THEN another client. The note in the conflicting changes notebook will be the one you edited in the client. You then have TWO choices: Manually merge your changes from the conflict into the original note OR delete the original and move the conflict into your main notebooks. If you do the latter, the review history to date will be lost (that’s just the way Evernote works at the time of writing this) and the note will start again from the learn stage.

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