A “vibrant mental landscape”…?

Some people are amused by this phrase and ask me where it came from. Actually, it was created by my friend Anjan while he was ad-libbing about Revunote to camera in a friend’s garden (we’ve had a lot of summer

The third way to use Evernote

I’ve been an avid user of Evernote for some time now. I’ve noticed that I have several distinct uses for it, some that I have in common with others I have persuaded to use it and one use that is

Joshua Foer: We are the sum of our memories

Joshua Foer (jounalist, mnemonist, winner of the 2006 USA Memory Championship, author of Moonwalking with Einstein) recently gave a TED Talk explaining that, once upon a time, the idea of having a trained, cultivated memory was commonplace; the great orators

Revunote for Android is released!

Revunote v1.5.0 is now available on Google Play as a fledgling member of the Evernote eco-system. Revunote works with Evernote to help you learn things off by heart using the proven principles of ‘active review’ and ‘spaced repetition’. Some things