A “vibrant mental landscape”…?

Some people are amused by this phrase and ask me where it came from. Actually, it was created by my friend Anjan while he was ad-libbing about Revunote to camera in a friend’s garden (we’ve had a lot of summer rain and the garden was looking quite lush). The phrase stuck and fits very well with what Revunote is, as does the whole metaphor of cultivation.

When I was a kid a hostage negotiator called Terry Waite was himself taken hostage in Lebanon and held captive, mostly in solitary confinement, for almost 5yrs. On his release, I remember reading about how he had stayed sane during this time:

“With no access to books, television, radio or any other outside stimuli […] his only hope of staying sane was to embark on what he called an inward journey. Fabulously well-read, he rehearsed and explored the wealth of knowledge, insights and information stored in his mind [emphasis added]

Now, the chances of being kidnapped and having nothing but your own mind to keep you company are pretty slim but I remember that story to this day because it always made me think…on a day to day basis, is my mind a passenger or a companion?

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